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Making Barningham carbon net zero & energy self-sufficient

Net Zero – what it means and why it is important. Net zero means balancing our carbon emissions with carbon removal from the atmosphere – in other words, getting the sum of carbon dioxide produced from our day to day activities here in Barningham to nothing: Net Zero. This is important to protect our lives and our world against catastrophic climate change and environmental degeneration caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide.

There are a number of ways we can do this, such as using our cars less, becoming less dependent on fossil fuels for heating by switching to an alternative and insulating our homes more effectively. We can switch to using electric vehicles, with the added bonus of no polluting fumes, restore valuable peatland, which locks up carbon, and plant trees to provide further removal of carbon dioxide we produce. We can switch our electricity supplier to one using “green” sustainable sources of generation or, more ambitiously, we can do this by generating our own electricity from renewable sources locally. It is this last action which had formed one of the main strategies of the Barningham Net Zero Community Interest Company to reach net zero carbon emissions, with the intention of giving Barningham residents cheaper electricity and, hopefully, realising the opportunity of selling the excess electricity generated to the National Grid to generate an income stream for Barningham – a further benefit to the community.  Unfortunately the scheme proposed proved not to be financially viable at this time under prevailing regulatory arrangements – matters that Barningham Net Zero Community Interest Company will keep under review.

Barningham is off the gas grid, with most properties reliant on oil-fired heating. The majority of properties are over 150 years old, ‘hard to heat’ and of solid stone wall construction. The traditional character of the village is an attraction for residents and visitors. It also poses challenges and constraints in regard to the changes needed to become more sustainable and reduce dependence on fossil fuels at a time of climate crisis. There is a widespread desire in the village to minimise the use of fuel oil, which is considered expensive and polluting. The high cost of energy as well as difficulties and disproportional cost of improving energy efficiency in the old houses are a concern, particularly for older residents. This issue is also being addressed by the Barningham Net Zero Community Interest Company.

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