BNZ Factsheet Index

Barningham Net Zero has received funding through the Rural Community Energy Fund, which includes providing a series of factsheets on energy efficiency and energy related topics.  These provide impartial and independent advice on all areas of energy management and are designed to help you reduce energy costs.  The factsheets have been produced by Teesdale Environmental Consulting Ltd (TEC Ltd).  These factsheets will be made available on this page for download and are grouped by theme with factsheets from each theme being released together:

  • Simple Energy Tips
  • Advice for Vulnerable or Elderly Residents
  • Heating, Cooking, Lighting & House Maintenance
  • Draught-proofing and Insulation

Simple Energy Tips

BNZ Factsheet 1: What Makes A Home Warm
BNZ Factsheet 2: Managing Energy In The Home
BNZ Factsheet 3: How To Read Your Electricity Meter
BNZ Factsheet 4: Understanding Your Electricity Bill
BNZ Factsheet 5: Switching Suppliers
BNZ Factsheet 6: Schemes To Help
BNZ 5a): Green Tariffs

Advice For Vulnerable Or Elderly Residents

BNZ 7: Homes With An Elderly Resident
BNZ 8: Priority Services Register

Heating, Cooking, Lighting & House Maintenance

BNZ 9: Getting The Most From Heating Systems
BNZ 10a: Sustainable Home Heating
BNZ 10b: Liquid Fuel Replacements
BNZ 10c: Log Gasification And Wood Pellet Boilers
BNZ 10d: Heat Pumps
BNZ 10e: Electric Boilers And Electric Heating
BNZ 11: Open Fires And Wood Burning Stoves
BNZ 12: Cooking Appliances And Energy
BNZ 13: Solar Energy For Your Home
BNZ 14: Energy Efficient Lighting
BNZ 15: Dealing With Condensation
BNZ 16: Buying A Dehumidifier
BNZ 17: External Maintenance For Energy Efficiency

Draught-Proofing & Insulation

BNZ 18: Draught-Proofing Your Home
BNZ 19: Loft Insulation And Insulating Flat Roofs
BNZ 20: Recessed Lights Insulation
BNZ 21: Insulating Solid Wall Properties
BNZ 22: Insulating Solid Floors
BNZ 23: Insulating Suspended Timber Floors
BNZ 24: Double Glazing And Heritage Buildings